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Debt collection based on acts|Articles

Every businessman sooner or later faces the problem of non-payment of work done. In this case, you should not wait - should be active.

If there are acts of performed works or services provided, depending on the conditions of your contract with the counterparty, you must send the debtor acts of reconciliation, a claim, and then a lawsuit in the economic court. The trial will not take a lot of time, but you will receive a court order by which the debtor's account will be debited in your favor.

Sometimes the result is already at the stage of the presentation of the claim - the debtor understands that in the subsequent he will have to pay the court fee and services of a lawyer, in the case of a court, and prefer to pay the debt. The claim is also appropriate if, at the initial stage, you would not want to resolve the dispute in a court.

But some debtors are "chronic" - they have a lot of debts, and they do not return them voluntarily. Then the court procedure is the only way to get a debt.

In case of absence of acts of performed works it is necessary to analyze the situation, the contract, documents that are available, and to take some steps on formalization of relations between the parties for the possibility of debt collection.



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