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Property acquired by the spouses during the marriage belongs to the wife and husband on the right of joint ownership regardless of the fact that one of them had a good reason (training, housekeeping, child care, illness, etc.) independent of earnings (income). Wife, husband dispose of the property that is the object of joint ownership of spouses, by mutual agreement.

If a woman and a man living as one family, but not married to each other or in any other marriage, property acquired during their cohabitation belongs to them by right of joint ownership.

Divorce does not terminate the right to joint ownership of property acquired during the marriage. If the division of property that is the object of joint matrimonial property, the share of assets wife and husband are equal, unless otherwise determined by their agreement or marriage contract.

In resolving the dispute on the division of property, the court may deviate from the principles of equality of shares of spouses in circumstances that are essential.

To claim for division of property after divorce stated, apply the statute of limitation of three years.


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