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Division of spouses' property|Articles

The division of the property of spouses can become one of the most unpleasant procedures, through which people whose family has broken up must pass.

There are different views of the parties on their personal contribution to the common property, and this view may not always be in accordance with the provisions of the law. There are also procedural features of the evidence process in court, which sometimes makes it impossible to achieve a certain result.

For example, it may turn out that your personal property sold for the purchase of joint property in the future will not be divided equally, but with your personal contribution to the purchase. Or that the apartment, inherited by one of the spouses, will not be shared.

In order to successfully complete the division of property with your “former” second half, you should first decide on your wishes and discuss the desired result for you with another person.

If such negotiations were unsuccessful, then it is worth remembering the circumstances of the property purchase, collecting property documents and visiting a lawyer for a consultation in order to find out your chances of achieving the desired result in court, as well as the consequences and cost of this method of resolving a property dispute.




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