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Inheritance acceptance in Ukraine|Articles

Accepting inheritance in Ukraine is a fairly simple procedure that requires compliance with certain conditions.

So, many heirs mistakenly believe that after the death of a relative-testator, you need to wait 6 months, and only then go to the notary. But this is a big mistake.

In no case should not postpone the campaign to the notary for 6 months, as this is the boundary period from the moment of death of the testator for accepting the inheritance. Therefore, if possible, you should go to the notary as soon as possible after the death of the testator, taking with him the necessary documents, namely:

1) the original death certificate of the testator;

2) your passport and identification code (tax number);

You can also take, if available:

1) a copy of the testator's passport and a copy of his identification code;

2) a will or a copy thereof;

3) a certificate from the place of residence of the testator of his place of residence before death.


You need to go to the notary public office to the notary public or to a private notary at the location of the estate of the testator or at the place of his residence.


When submitting an application for acceptance of the inheritance to the notary you should take a copy of such an application with a receipt / stamp of acceptance of the application.


After filing such an application, the notary starts a hereditary case and gives the heir an extract from the hereditary registry, and also explains what documents need to be additionally collected and filed for subsequent registration of rights to the inheritance.


Acceptance of inheritance can be done remotely by a notarized statement of the heir, sent to the notary by the mail.


Skipping a 6-month deadline for accepting an inheritance entails the need to file a lawsuit in court to extend the period for accepting an inheritance (if there were valid reasons to skip).



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