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By inheritance planning is usually meant the organization of inheritance of property by the testator himself in case of death. Unfortunately, we are all mortal, and apart from diseases and other natural causes, there are accidents and other incidents that cannot be avoided with all due diligence.

But one can also call inheritance planning the organization of inheritance of property by the future heir. We leave ethical moments for moralizers. Moreover, if the heir does not have an adequate relationship with the testator, he will not be able to do the planning.

Not always the testator has the opportunity (time and money) to organize the inheritance of property in the event of his death, but he can understand the desirability and wish to help the heir with this question so that after his death there are no longer unbearable or unsolvable “tails” for the person dear to him.

Inheritance planning, in this case, should begin with an audit of all title documents for the property. They should be found, put in one place and checked for compliance with current legislation. Some documents become outdated and require updating of the form (for example, BTI technical passport), some are framed with errors and can be corrected (sales contracts, gifts), some have significant shortcomings that can be corrected only in court (incorrect writing of the surname name, patronymic), additional actions may be required to complete the registration of the property right (registration of the property right on the basis of the contract of sale). An analysis of the documents will determine whether there is completeness and correctness in the documents.

After the actual audit, you need to choose the right method of inheritance, based on the nature of the relationship between the testator and the heir (relatives or not), as well as from the family relations of the testator (having a spouse, children, dependents) and the heir. For example, the drawing up of a will (with a reservation, subject to the condition, indicating the next successor). Or, a deed of gift during the life of the testator. At this stage, it may be necessary to revise the documents of kinship, since a will with an indication of the degree of kinship (“bequeath to the daughter”) or a gift to a close relative with tax advantages requires documents confirming kinship (birth certificate of the heir, marriage certificate of the heir - if he changed surname).

The next steps will be the practical implementation of the chosen method of inheritance: completion, collection of documents, judicial procedures in court - if necessary, execution of a will, execution of a deed of gift. This stage requires time, money and understanding of the goal to which it is necessary to be achieved.

The result of this type of inheritance planning (on the part of the heir) will be that the testator’s property will be in reliable and trusting hands, and the heir will be significantly relieved, subsequently, the severity of the period after the death of a loved one, since not many people have the power to engage in bureaucratic procedures in such a stress.

It is also worth noting that in the period after the death of the testator, the scammers often use the difficult psychological state and financial difficulties of the heir, illegally re-registering the property on themselves, which is extremely difficult to confront with to the heir.

It is worth considering this in advance.
















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