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In our time, the car - an indispensable tool in daily affairs. At the same time, no one is insured to become a party to an traffic accident, even with all the rules of the road. However, not all drivers know how to behave properly in an accident.


Your main actions in case of traffic accident:

1. Stop the car, turn on the emergency lights (if possible) and do not leave the place of the accident.

 If there are victims, give them first aid and immediately call an ambulance.

2. Do not move your car and damaged parts of cars, despite the persuasion of another participant before the arrival of the police.

3. Call the police yourself.

4. If there are witnesses, be sure to find out their full name, address and contact phone number, and enter their details in your explanations.

5. Take a picture of the accident site and the nearest landmarks.

6. Rewrite the full name of  another member of the accident, his insurance policy number, place of residence, information about the insurance company.

7. If you used a DVR and it captured the time of the accident - be sure to include it in your explanations.

8. Call your insurance company in the insurance company of another party to the accident and tell them about the accident (for this you need to first look at the numbers of insurance policies).


When an accident is filed by police officers, the following documents are issued: an administrative report on the guilty participant; scheme of the accident and take explanations from the participants of the accident.


Remember that if the car of another participant is not insured - you still have the right to receive a refund.


In the event of an accident, do not be arrogant and use the legal assistance of a qualified lawyer - this will help you defend your rights and save nerves and money in case of further dispute.



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