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Legal Translation|Practices

Legal translation - a translation of texts relating to the law and used for the exchange of legal information between people speaking different languages. Because the law is a subject area related to the socio-political and cultural features of the country, legal translation is not an easy task. For adequate transmission of legal information legal language translation must be particularly accurate, clear and reliable.

Sometimes legal translation is considered a special type of technical translation.

Depending on the type of translated legal documents legal translation is divided into:

  • translation of laws and regulations and their projects
  • translation of agreements (contracts)
  • translation of legal opinions and memoranda
  • apostilles and notary certificates translation 
  • translation of the constituent documents of legal entities
  • translation of powers of attorney
  • translation of financial documents
  • translation of documents on education
  • translation of business correspondence
  • translation of texts for tourism
  • translation of texts for emigration and immigration
  • translation of standard legal documents (certificates)

Legal documents and theoretical work should be translated only by professional translators specializing in legal translation. As a rule, they have the appropriate legal training or at least a significant experience in translating legal subjects. Errors in the translation text of the treaty could lead, for example, to causing property damage and presentation of a lawsuit.

An essential step in the process of legal document translation is a translation of the text editing by lawyer.