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All questions about terms and order of conclusion of marriage(official registration of relations) and also about the legal consequences of actual matrimonial relations(without official registration) is possible to be settled by means of an attorney.

Material side in marriage


Consulting with an attorney concerning property questions before marriage is not the sign of mistrust to the future spouse. Social maturity of personality envisages responsible attitude toward marriage, to the fate of future children.

The property rights and duties of the married couples can be settled in marriage articles. In marriage articles it is possible to change specified by law joint ownership mode to separate property mode. Drafting marriage articles also will help to save your property that arose up before marriage and also will secure you from the mercenary motives of partner to marry with you.

Dissolution of marriage (divorce)


People are not perfect. Understanding the mistake made must not prevent you from wish for being a happy person.

When a decision to divorce ripened inside of you, an attorney will help to do this process controlled and will protect your interests.

It is possible that after sharing with an attorney you will have a change a heart not to divorce.

Division of property

A law envisages, as a rule, the just rules of division of the property jointly acquired by the married couple. For legally unshod man it is difficult to understand subtleties of family legislation in this question, especially in a state of the heartfelt instability related to procedure of divorce, even if it passes peacefully. Therefore in a question to that your further prosperity and prosperity of your children are related it is better to confide in an attorney.


The married couples, parents and children, brothers and sisters, grandmothers, grand-dads and grandchildren, have mutual obligations on maintenance of each other. In case of non-fulfillment of these responsibilities alimonies may be enforced. The order of payment of alimonies also can be established in a marriage articles or in an agreement about the payment of alimonies.

It should be noted that criminal responsibility can come for non-payment of alimonies or late payment of alimonies.

Procedure of enforcement of alimonies claims attention to many details that substantially influence on possibility of receipt of alimonies and their size, therefore this question needs to be entrusted to the attorney.


As part of the practice of family law, we provide:

1) family counseling;

2) drawing up the marriage contract and the support of its conclusion by the notary;

3) preparation of the statement of claim for divorce;

4) alimony through the court;

5) the division of joint property of spouses in court;

6) termination of parental rights in court;

7) change of residence of the child (child custody);

8) a permit to export abroad the child in court;

9) collection of penalties for non-payment of alimony;

10) legal support of adoption;

11) establishing the schedule of communication with the child in court;

12) challenging paternity;

and much more.


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