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Real Estate Transactions|Practices


Accompaniment of transactions on the real estate plugs in itself a few directions:


1. Advising

Methods of transmission of the real estate

Taxation of transactions with the real estate

Necessary documents for transactions with the real estate 

Cost of registration of transactions with the real estate


2. Legal analysis

Checking of evidences of title on the real estate


3. Drafting of agreement for a transaction

Creation of reliable mechanism in a client's interest


4. Presence with a client on signing of documents for a notary


5. Processing of documents after a transaction

Realization of actions for further registration of rights on the real estate


Also we carry out accompaniment of transactions on the purchase of apartments in new-built building, that plugs in itself verification of documents of developer, verification of business reputation of developer, concordance of contractual terms of investing, accompaniment of procedure of primary registration of property rights on an apartment after commissioning of a facility