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Inheritance Law |Practices

Procedure of registration of inheritance in Ukraine difficult enough, because a legatee must take into account such aspects, as place of opening of inheritance, documents necessary for registration of inheritance, supposed stake in an inheritance, existence of other possible legatees, degree of cognation with legator, term of filing in an application on the acceptance of inheritance, taxation of the inherited stake etc., each of that substantially influences on realization of right on inheritance.

Complicating by international element can appear, for example, in a situation legator-national of Ukraine and legatee-national of another country, or legator dead on territory of another country and left after itself an inheritance on territory of Ukraine or to legatee-national of Ukraine etc.

All stages of receipt of inheritance require knowledge of theory of Inheritance Law, and also idea about practical application of legal norms in the field of inheritance, it is therefore important to address in time to the professionals in this sphere for not to lose the inheritance.


Within the practice of inheritance law we:


  •  advise on how to receive an inheritance in Ukraine, making a will in Ukraine (inheritance planning);
  •  accompany the appeal will in court;
  •  protect the rights of the heirs in the court;
  •  accompany the registration of inheritance rights by a notary.

We can help you figure out how to formalize inheritance in Ukraine.

We will help you to understand who is in the circle of heirs, which has the heir right, what if the other heirs claim to part of the inheritance, how much is a notary probate, what documents are needed to obtain the inheritance and much more.

We have extensive experience in representing the interests of heirs in various instances. Just call us at: +38 O95 459 59 56 or write to info@deafortis.com.