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Tax Law|Practices

Every day you come forward the payer of taxes straight or it is mediated.


As a rule, the questions of taxation arise up at opening and functioning of business:

  • in case of a selection of legal form of functioning of business from the point of view of the most low level of taxation and comfort of administration(before opening of business),
  • choosing tax system for entrepreneurs and legal entities,
  • in case of a transition from one system of taxation in other in connection with the changing terms of work or business necessities,
  • tax planning,
  • in case of accompaniment of business during realization of tax verifications (including administrative and judicial challenging of tax notifications-decisions),
  • in case of a removal from registration in a tax organ (for closing of business).


Tax disputes

Within the framework of this sphere we successfully contest the actions of tax inspection during realization of tax verifications, results of realization of tax verifications, we accomplish abolition of tax notifications-decisions on large sums (charging of additional tax obligations and application of penalty approvals).

An appeal we carry out mainly in the judicial order (an administrative order is possible also by an appeal to the higher tax organs).


Also the questions of taxation arise up in private life:

  • tax payment after the receipt of inheritance,
  • tax payment at the receipt of profits,
  • tax payment at the feasance of transactions etc.


The task you we see in that the process of tax payment became for you realized and controlled.

Knowledge of tax law allow us to stop violations of your rights from the side of public organs or stop such violations.