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Tax Law

Every day you come forward the payer of taxes straight or it is mediated.

The task you we see in that the process of tax payment became for you realized and controlled.

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Representation in court

Contact with court system requires a lot of efforts, time and money. You should address to us not to let all this go gown the wind.

For a start it is worth make sure that exactly the court order of solving your problem will help. For this reason you should take our legal advice with covering to the maximum your current situation and letting us see the document which you have and which touch upon interesting subject.

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Contract Law

In everyday life necessity of obtaining qualified estimate of one or another contract appears because that contract is important / seems to be difficult or with the catch / there isn’t time for consider carefully by yourself / speech constructions seems to be absolutely unclear etc. Nevertheless, the importance of the contract is so high, but there’s nobody address to for asking questions.

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Foreign economic activity

In modern conditions, even a small business, sooner or later faces the need to sell goods or services abroad or, as appropriate, to buy abroad

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Intellectual property

Protection of intellectual property rights

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Legal Translation

Legal English, French, Italian (and also Russian and Ukrainian)

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Creation of legal documents for internet web site

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Family Law

  • Marriage
  • Material side in marriage
  • Dissolution of marriage (divorce)
  • Division of property
  • Alimonies
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Inheritance Law



will contest

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Labor Law

The right to labor is the one of fundamental human rights. We can say with reasonable confidence that human spends the bigger part of life at work. Almost everything for compliance with employee’s interests is provided by Labor Law. We consider that our duty is to enforce Labor Law in case of its breach. Our attorneys have practical experience in legal defense of labor rights of an employee at out-of-court and court procedures. You can consult with us about how to get from the most troubled and difficult situations with employment and about such a simple thing for example as vacation.

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Real Estate Transactions

Buildings, apartments, houses, apartments, offices, land plots   /  Purchase-sale, lease, testament, transfer by gift

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